Interested in learning the skill of refined Bag and accessories making?

The program teaches the basic understanding of leatherworking using traditional hand tools and later working with machines.

Lupine Learning program consists of predetermined projects done at the student’s own pace. The amount of pieces created by the end of each session will depend solely on the individual.

Lupine bags are known for sophisticated designs and top-level quality, represented by numerous top brands in india. knowledge of Bag making is understanding high-level techniques and quality materials.

you will learn from skilled bag making artisans techniques of hand-made bags with your materials or our materials as you desired to be Students will lear all the steps of bag making one by one from Lupine bag artisans; rough sketch and design, cutting patterns, cutting leather, skiving, composing, sewing, and edge maneuvering, as well as accessories.

Beginners will start from simple objects such as small cases and book covers, and those with experience can make original bags, realizing various bags such as party bags, decoration bags, business bags, travel bags, pocket, pouch, backpack, body bag, etc. according to their period of study and interest.

Training Charges for learning bag making are as below

One week Course – Rs. 5000/- per person

Two Weeks Course – Rs. 7500/- per person